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I’ve worked with APG for 12 years, covering Jackson, Dekalb, Cherokee, Marshall, Etowah, Calhoun, Talladega, 280 Corridor & Lake Martin areas.

I love people. So spending time with friends and family is first on my list. Traveling, reading, scrapbooking, almost anything water-related, as long as I don’t have to catch or cook it. My new obsession is kayaking. I always have an obsession.

I love watching movies and finding bloopers. You would be amazed! I don’t like nosy people. I used to be one; and it’s just one character flaw that I feel you grow out of; and I appreciate privacy. I truly believe that if you look out after others personally and professionally, there will be great people who look out after you; and that’s so important when you least expect it. My family stays very active. We make a great team. If you put all of our qualities together, it’s pretty fascinating. God places strengths in you that are truly amazing. Sometimes I feel like we are the Power Rangers.

Last but not least, I am an animal lover. I’m not the kind that sees an animal and thinks it looks cute and cuddly; but the kind that sees an animal and it completely changes my mind, heart and soul. It’s completely unexplainable. There are no words but that “furry people” are a blessing from God.

What do I LOVE about APG? First, I thank God that I can say that I do LOVE my job. I have had the pleasure of working with and for some fantastic people. There are times in my life that something amazing happens, and I am overjoyed. This happens to me very often, almost daily. Not every day, but way more often than any other person I know! I meet a lot of hard-working people that deserve a lot of respect. Once my clients see my passion, there is an amazing trust they place in my hands. I have clients that work day and night. They may have even watched their mom, dad, or grandparents build the company they own today. It’s precious, it’s dear; and sometimes, they are overwhelmed. I hold such a high respect for my clients, big or small. I am honored to work for you and represent your hard work…My heart is full.

Jinger Entrekin
Account Executive
Alabama Publishing Group
3049 Steele Station Road
Rainbow City, AL 35049


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