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Greater Gadsden Directory

APG has led the way into high quality directories and satisfying the local consumer wishes.
This all began right here in Gadsden! I would like to take this time on behalf of our staff and thank all of the advertisers, dating back to 1999, for your trust during the good times and even the bad. We continually improve our company day by day. I am truly humbled by the trust we have received in Gadsden by participation in the most recent directory.

Last year we increased the size, again, of our White and Yellow Pages. As our competitor decreased them, yet again previously, we have maintained a larger size for easier reading.
• BECOMING EVEN MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY- CONSCIOUS – We are using a new paper this year that has better resilience and is also over 50%
recycled content. This 2013-2014 book is 100% recyclable!
• INCREASING THE QUALITY OF THE YELLOW PAGES. – We are using a new paper with photo enhancement elements included to make your ads brighter and more colorful.
• EMBOSSING & FOILING THE NAME OF THE DIRECTORY. – Embossment will make the directory more noticeable and bring a bolder look. Foiling is a gold holographic foil that is hard to miss!! This brings a detail that will be truly respective of the town it represents.
• LOCAL DISTRIBUTION TO HOME AND BUSINESSES. – We select market areas for distribution throughout the respective Directories community where distribution is best served to utilize the most efficient distributed usage so no overcirculation is done creating more cost, therefore making for one of the most efficient distributions and keeping our clients cost down and ROI higher.
• DIGITAL REVOLUTION – This year will be the launch year of not only the new but the long-awaited Local App. Local App will be a smartphone app available on ALL platforms allowing users to browse for local businesses. Local App is the first of its kind, offering local business bios, websites, emails, pictures, videos, blogs, tips, directions, coupons and deals, events and menus. This coming summer will bring two more incredible launches to Local App. Wait and see!!
  Our Mission: To provide the people of the Gadsden area with a high quality phone directory representative of this great city while offering reasonable advertising rates for you, the local business owners.
Everyone at APG is excited and proud to be part of this community and would like to thank you in advance for your support.

Businesses seeking to grow their customer base and improve their bottom line do well to advertise with APG — it is a results–oriented company.

Thank you!

Andy Entrekin