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Our Sales staff is the best we ever had. They have banded together to reach, what has seemed to be, Impossible goals over the last few years. Their combined strength and knowledge shows that they will not let any obstacle stand in the way of giving you the best customer service and bringing your business the best results possible.
Even in these tough economic times, some of our morst recent Directories have had significant growth. Recently our Calhoun market grew nearly 20%! Why? Because now more than ever, when it is more important to watch every dollar your business spends, APG has excelled over our competition and has pulled far away from the pack. It is an old fashioned, yet not lost art – It’s called hard work!

We look forward to visiting with you to discuss in detail, your needs in Direct Media advertising. We have a professional staff of Advertising Consultants who will meet you at your convenience to show you how we can meet those needs. Our Account Executives can tailor a print, digital and internet program that will work 365 days out of the year to promote your business in every residence & place of business in the local area. Our company believes in long term relationships and we look forward to building one with you.
We have raw data to demonstrate buying patterns, caller patterns and usage between APG and our local competitor. YES, we have REAL DATA in both books, ours and the utility companies. Have you been told by the Phone Company the good ‘ol sales pitch “We are the Phone Company-everyone uses us” or the other pitch “the Phone Company has 90% of the market”? Yeah, we have heard it ALL! So what did we do? Glad you asked. We put metering numbers in each of the Directories. These phone numbers are only in the respective Directories. We are able to measure how many calls, their location, length and ring count. This is the absolute tell tale of what Directory receives the percentage of usage in the respective markets. Our sales staff will be more than happy to show you these hard fact numbers, unlike the Phone Companies bought and paid for “Polls”.
We have measured usage direct campaigns in Calhoun and Etowah Counties. We even have placed tracking numbers in business websites and internet campaigns and then in their Yellow Page campaign to measure the difference between Internet and Print. A VERY interesting study that I am sure your business would be interested in reviewing.

Contact us for a one-on-one consultation with one of our experienced Account Executives. We are friendly and always appreciate doing business in person.
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The Staff at APG